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  • Buy renter coverage by the month, or the year
  • Fixed wing pilots can use cockpit data to score flight safety with CloudAhoy
  • Safe pilots can earn discounts up to 35% off (app scores will never increase your insurance cost)
  • Click here for a 35-day trial of CloudAhoy Pro, the top cloud-based, post-flight debriefing tool for pilots*
* Trial not limited to Starr Insurance Companies’ customers, CloudAhoy’s terms and conditions apply

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Managing your level of coverage is simple. Choose monthly or annual insurance, and only pay for the coverage you need.

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Score your flights to improve your performance over time. Safe fliers can save up to 35% on renters insurance.

Air Show
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Share your Pilot Score with fellow pilots on social media, email, or text to see who’s the safest. Flight scoring powered by CloudAhoy

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