Starr Aviation Safety & Loss Control

Starr Safety Partnership

How can aviation companies best maximize their operational savings and safety? It’s an ongoing aim for Director’s of Aviation and CFO’s alike. Starr Aviation, a division of Starr Insurance Companies, has developed a new program with these goals in mind: The Starr Safety Partnership.

Designed by Starr Aviation Safety & Loss Control, the program provides access to a suite of services from best-in-class providers at a discounted rate. This unique program focuses on the entire life cycle of aircraft ownership: from acquisition of the aircraft to the safe & cost-efficient operation of the aircraft during ownership to the sale of the aircraft. It’s the type of program you’d expect from the leader in aviation insurance.

Contact our partners through the links below

  • Advanced Aircrew Academy: Online Training for Business Aviation
  • Aerial Engagement: Aerial Engagement is a public flight simulator venue in Scottsdale, Arizona. Pilots, students and their instructors rent time on our FAA Certificated Flight Simulators (AATD’s) to safely practice new maneuvers toward a certificate or rating, shoot instrument approaches for currency, or improve their proficiency on acquired skills.
  • Aircare International: Aircare FACTS Training crew and passenger emergency procedures training programs, and Aircare Access Assistance in-flight telemedicine and mission support services including 24/7/365 medical support
  • ARGUS: SMS software and Aviation safety audits
  • AviationManuals: Leading provider of manual development services and modular safety management system (SMS) software for business and general aviation.
  • Aviation Performance Solutions: Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
  • Aviation Safety Compliance (ASC): ASC is a firm of aviation safety consultants and auditors that specialize in safeguarding your operations. We provide operational safety assessments and design safety risk profiles to ensure you have a sound safety culture that meets international accreditation standards.
  • Bluetail: Leading provider of aircraft records digitization products and services for business and private aviation
  • Crisis Advisors: Aviation crisis management services
  • Empathia: Aviation crisis management services
  • EyeTracking's PilotReady®: Solution that measures the attention, fatigue and cognitive workload levels of pilots. This helps improve training efficiency and cost-effectiveness while enhancing pilot safety and performance.
  • Fyve By: Fyve By provides leading edge hangar management technology. The Sky View System helps FBOs, MROs, and Owner-Operators move and manage aircraft in their hangars safer, faster, and more efficiently than ever.
  • JSSI: Independent provider of All-OEM maintenance support & financial tools, including: maintenance programs; maintenance tracking software; parts procurement and leasing solutions; Conklin & de Decker aircraft comparison reports; event management, inspections and appraisals
  • MAGID: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies
  • Polaris Aero: SMS software and flight risk assessment tools
  • Pulsar: Fatigue risk management solutions
  • Pulselite: Bird avoidance system that reduces bird strikes over 33% for general aviation clients
  • VisionSafe-EVAS (Emergency Vision Assurance System): VisionSafe-EVAS (Emergency Vision Assurance System) is the only cockpit smoke displacement solution that protects your crew, passengers and aircraft during a blinding cockpit smoke event. EVAS provides a clear space of clear air between the pilot (while wearing their oxygen mask & smoke goggles) and their instrument panel so they are able to view these instruments as well as their flight path. This enables them to safely fly then land their aircraft even with a compromised, smoke-filled cockpit.